sound of nature

There are some websites out in the internet to support your interests in natural sounds. In this article you get 5 of them and a bonus.

To hear the sound of nature, the best way is to go in the nature and hear the sound.  That’s for many of you not that easy like it’s sounds. Live in a city means a lot of less opportunities to hear the sound of nature. And always, you may listen to the nature and don’t know what you listen for. Is it a sparrow or a robin? And how sounds the nature in other parts of your land or even in different regions of this earth?

The most recorded species seems the birds. But there are others species on the records too. Mammals, reptiles, fishes, insects and a lot of opportunities to listen to the natural sound of rain, sea cliffs, atmospheric sound impressions from dusk and dawn and much more.

1. Macau library

The Macau library, part of the Cornell Lab of orrnithology, named itself as the world largest and oldest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video recordings. The records are intended for education, conversation, scientific research and the arts. The records reaching back to the year 1920. Since 2013 the archive is online.

This Bearded Seal sounds like it’s not from this world:

This record shows the diversity of the macaulay library. Environmental recordings from Vrindavin temple sounds, India.

Go there and listen: The Macaulay library

2. Internet Archive – The sounds of nature

The internet archive is an internet library. And yes, the library is huge. The sounds of nature collection is only one small part of the whole library.

It’s an massive collection of natural sounds. You will find sounds from birds and crickets, ocean waves, rivers and streams, rain-showers, thunderstorms and many more.

It’s very meditative to watch the sound of a jungle river or the twilight. All the sounds of the Internet Archive are ready to download. You can add them to your very own sound library. – The sounds of nature collection

3. British library – Listen to the sounds of nature

Do you know about the diversity of nature? Wind, thunderstorm, rain, tropical savannah soundscape or splitting open pine scones. Amazing sounds of nature. You can listen to a lot of wildlife animals. Reptils, aquatic animals, frogs and toads, insects and land mammals. All sounds are for private listening only and they have a copyright of the bristish library board.

British library – Listen to the sounds of nature

4. Nature sound map

The website is shaped as a Google Maps view. Every sound has a place on the map and an explanation too. You can navigate around the world an listen. To a large group of black-bellied Brent geese in the Netherlands, Dusk near a frog pond in Borneo, sound of the autumn ruts in spain, Toads on the nile river. Tropical forest in Cambodia, you get it.

Nature sound map

 5. Nature sounds at Soundcloud

I give you a link which is labeled with nature sounds. There are many more nature sounds with other labels. Search only for “nature” at there website will bring you to more sounds from the nature but to different music with the word nature in the titel too. There are nature sounds from Newzeeland, sounds of nature, thunderstorm, rainforest sounds, wild ambience. You get it. You have only to try a search with the words you are looking for the sound.

Soundcloud nature sounds

6. Top Documentary films – Nature

This is sligthly different from the websites above. Not single sounds of animals. The films are about wildlife in whole. One documentary send you in the serengety. You can go in the history of human-wolfes relationship or in the mind of plants. Learn about the unexpected skills of walrosses, the arctic hell or how wild horses return to China. You get an inside view of deserts and the beautiful of Amazonas.  You can see a serie of the most extreme animals too. The focus lies in features like speed, behaviour, anatomy, diet.

Top Documentary films – Nature