Against heart attack

5 easy steps to lesser your risk of heart attack for whopping 86%. At least when you are a man.

What is the mystery to lesser the risk of heart attacks? Follow the this 5 steps:

  1. Excercise regulary.
    Walking or Cycling at least 40 minutes a day and exercise more than 1 hour per week.
  2. Eat a balanced low-risk diet.
    That may including: More vegetables and fruits, nuts, legumes, fish, whole grain and reduced fat diary products.
  3. Don’t smoke.
  4. Drink alcohol moderate.
    No more than 10 to 30 g per day.
  5. Check your waistline.
    Recommendation: Less than 95 cm circumference.

You may argue that’s uncomfortable and ask back what is the life without alcohol, smoking and rich food? The answer is, you have the choice. Lesser the risk for heart attack give you more chances for a longer life with lesser risks for illness. And for an intense feeling of life. Actually only 2% of the US-americans live the lifestyle for a healthy heart. There is a lot to improve, right?

The findings comes from a study conducted in Sweden for more than 20 000 men in the age between 45 to 79 years over a timeframe of 11 years. It’s not really a susrprise that a healthy lifestyle lead to lesser risk for heart attacks. The real surprise was for Akneta Akesson, lead author of the study, how drastical the risk dropped. In the chart above you find, how much every step bring for a lesser risk of heart attack.

Other studies suggest, a healthy lifestyle lower the risks for dieases like cancer and diabetis. Follow the 5 steps above may lead to a better health at all.

How to begin?

First bring your mind to readiness. You can olny start when the mind is ready.

It may be too much to change when you really have to do all 5.steps. My recommendation is, start with the easiest step for you. Looking for friends, colleagues or, neigbours who like to do the same. You can encourage each other. After you did one of this five steps you will have a big feeling of success, of self-confidence. With this feelings it’s much more easier to take the next step.

After you learned, not to go always with the mainstream, you getting better for your mind and you lesser the hurdles to do the next step in your healthier life. Please be aware, you are not weak when you not drink alcohol like your friends, or when you stop smoking. You are the strongest person when you say no to the poisons for your body, even some may you suggest otherwise.