burning sky

Firework is exiting, isn’t it? A melody of colours. Streams of light hands over wings to your fantasy. I don’t tell you about a small party firework. I tell you about the Pyronale, the world championship of fireworks. About the New Year’s Eve in all countries in the world where fireworks happen at this time.

For me there are two sides of the story. Some ten thousands of people get enthusiastic about the world championship in burning, flying lights in rythm with mostly classic music. To make a world class firework happen it needs a lot precision and exercise. but what is it really? All is an artistic attemp to burn money.

Do we need burning lights burning money? What if this money not get burned? Instead the money would spend for a good cause? How much money people of this world spend on the New Year’s Eve? Is it reasonable? Is it worth burn the money? How much children in this world could get a better life with better education, safe drinking water, better medical care?

Sorry, lot’s of questions but i’m sure you get it.