One of the most compelling topics for the humanity is the lifespan of life. Is it possible to extend our lifes considerable? The science of aging will help to longer our lifes.

Calico, a Google founded company, is aiming to fight neurodegeneration, cancer and other diseases related to aging.

Google introduced Calico in an blog post from September 2013. The challenge of aging is one of the most important focuses for the new company. Arthur D. Lewinson, CEO and founding investor of Calico devoted a big part of his lifespan to science and technology, to improving the human health. It seems he is the right person at the right place.

Calico will develop a world class research and development (R&D) facility in the San Francisco Beach Area. Calico will focus on drug discovery and early drug development and therapies and problems affecting mental and physical agility due to aging.
To reach this aim Calico and AbbVie declared an R&D collaboration with an co-investment startet with 250 Mill. $ from each partner. The investment can raise until 1.5 Billion US-Dollar in whole.

Is it possible to improve the human lifespan as well?

One leading head at Google is Ray Kurzweil. He joined Google as Director of Engeneering in december 2012.  For his understanding it’s possible to reprogram health and medicine. He see two big technologies as bridge to life extension.  Biotechnology let us reprogram away from diseasis and nano robots inside our bloodstream will watching about us.

The focus for this collaboration is to provide drugs and therapies and it may take time till the drugs and therapies reaches the market.
The result of this collaboration we will see in some years.

What ever the science can achieve, we humans are responsible for our own health. At least in 3 ways. Healthy eating, enough movement for the body and a healthy mind.