Wendat music

A string orchestra meets the songs of the Wendat people.

Francois Couture did an incredible job. This stunning composition connects the songs of the canadian natives with an intoxicating sound  from string instruments. When you start to listen to the songs you can’t stop. Let’s your emotions flow while you hear this music.

Are you interested in the history of the Wendat? Than look at this article in the Canadian Encyclopedia: Huron – Wendat

To use the player just click on a song to listen.

Yahndawa by Francois Couture

2 thoughts on “Yahndawa – Songs of the Wendat people”

  1. I am so thrilled to have found this music, especially since I am a descendant from the Huron/Wyandot Clarks in Anderdon! My 3rd Great Grandfather, Thoma Alexander Clarke and his wife, Mary Brown, are buried in the Wyandot Cemetery there in Anderdon! Would LOVE to purchase this album!

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